Friday, 22 April 2011

Say oui to Winter! Cube PR press day

Thursday was quite a hectic day for everyone since there were so much press days whoopie. After my trip down to Harvey Nics I went to Holborn, where Cube PR had their press day took place. Cube stocks a range of labels, from amazing Camilla Skovgaard shoes to East London concept store 123, Cube covers edgy labels as well as quality labels that embraces the English heritage. It was such pleasant experience to have visited the press day, not to mention their amazing lunch and very generous goodie bags ekkkkee.

123 is a multi-brand concept store on Bethnal Green Road with everything covered, edgy new labels like Noki Noir as well as in house designed homeware products made out of one-of-a-kind vintage fabrics. Since I love concept stores in general and it kind of ignited my inner obsessions with florals, laces and heart shaped cushions (this is the best kept secret of me because I think I'm the last person on earth who can wear florals), I'd be delighted to pop down and have a stroll in the 4 floored new found gem on a sunny day.

Camilla Skovgaard's shoes are rather new to me, having barely seen a few pairs of shoes in the range, the new collection lured me to stop by and observed them carefully with their beautiful constructions, these shoes just have a lot of head turning potentials!

Chapman hand craft English bags, again I'm having a does of English heritage and can't help snapping their look books, just in case I won the lottery hehe.
I've seen wallets made out of paper but this label just does it even better.
Cube covers different lines from Henry Lloyd, which demonstrates the beauty of English heritage in its main line as well as a HL jeans co, featuring a comparatively laid back style. quilted trainers? Yes yes yes.

I'm still half way of my press days reviews and I've got a million other posts to go, just in case you've got nothing to do during the triple bank holidays, hope you all have had a great weekend :)!
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