Monday, 11 April 2011

New editorial out in Kurv Magazine

For our editorial in this month's Kurv Magazine Issidora, Nina Butkovich-Budden and myself worked with a great up and coming photographer from Germany - Ami Lafleur. Our shoot took place just before christmas and despite the difficult weather conditions Ami made her way down taking Hamburg based model Jelena with her. Jelena was towering above everyone as she has officially the longest Model legs in Germany which we tried to highlight as much as possible in the shoot.

Our shoot took place in Nina's hair parlour in Marleybone and little sets were specifically set up for every shot. In terms of styling I went for an Boudoir-ish clash of lots of different patterns and colours, so much fun on my part!

This is a little low down from the photographer regarding her inspiration: “Homage to Biba was inspired by the iconic 1960s Biba look and its, founder, Barbara Hulanicki. In the late 1960s and early 1970s she was a fashion icon who was able to make bleak and conservative Britain colourful and rebellious." Ami Lafleur

Special thanks to the one and only Sean Collymore who was possibly the best Photography Assistant in the world, Anna Barreira who helped me and on the photography side and Emma Pulbrook who worked so hard with me getting all those beautiful clothes together.

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